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Every member of your team is a valuable voice in your organization, and the right healthcare and senior living sales training program can help you spread your message and grow your reach.

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If you want to give your healthcare sales team the tools they need to market your brand, you’ve come to the right place. Scott Marketing & Consulting Group® provides professional senior living and healthcare sales coaching and training programs for marketers in Colorado Springs. We know that an organization that’s enthusiastic and informed can create more change in the world, and we are here to empower your staff and help you grow. Our 365 Training Series™ serving the Colorado Springs area is designed to equip your marketing team members with effective communication skills to boost your leads and share what makes your brand stand out.

When it comes to advertising your healthcare or senior care company, you need more than lead generation lists—you need real, passionate people. This is especially true in emotion-driven hospitality fields like healthcare and senior care. Scott Marketing & Consulting Group® is a trust source for sales training programs serving senior living organizations, and we can turn your employees into true ambassadors for your brand. We’ll train your marketing team how to leverage language and relationship building to convert prospects into residents. After completing our sales training, your team will have effective, adaptable strategies to help you thrive in the ever-changing field of medical practice and senior care.

You may have a great logo, a catchy slogan, and a pretty website, but if you don’t have an educated, passionate team of healthcare advocates who are trained and actively working to build value in your brand, you will only get so far. Investing in a marketing and sales training program for your Colorado Springs team is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. Helping you build powerful relationships is what we do! Get in touch with Scott Marketing & Consulting Group® today for more information on a quality training program for senior living and healthcare providers in Colorado Springs.

Our services include:

  • Consumer Personas
  • Tours and Discovery
  • Conversions Analysis
  • Referral Source and Business Development
  • Public Relations
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