Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) software is a powerful and cutting-edge sales tool in any industry. Not only can a senior living CRM serve as an organized database in which to store vital information on customers and leads, but it can also help businesses to seamlessly manage communications and build meaningful relationships. Typically, this leads to improvements in efficiency, time management and customer relations.

Why a CRM is Vital in Assisted Living Marketing

Senior living CRM systems have two key uses: first, they allow senior living communities to keep track of leads, following these up with targeted communication to convert them to residents. But the uses of a fully functioning senior living CRM go well beyond improving assisted living marketing and sales; this software can also help communities curate the best and most tailored experience for existing residents and family caregivers. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CRM software became an important lifeline for many senior living facilities. In a time when face-to-face communication was often impossible, targeted digital communications allowed assisted living communities to stay well connected to their residents’ family caregivers. Throughout the ever-evolving situation, CRM software facilitated the regular, vital updates families needed. Moving forward, CRM software will be just as valuable in forging and retaining meaningful relationships with leads and residents alike.

5 Great Benefits of A CRM for Senior Living

  1. Automatically organize leads and residents based on their actions. As a senior living provider, you will know that every potential client is completely unique. All inquiries lead to real people, each with their own priorities, worries and circumstances. For example, a family caregiver seeking urgent care for a loved one following an acute illness will have vastly different priorities to a senior in their mid-70s who is just starting to consider the possibility of assisted living. Manually analyzing these unique needs can be daunting, inefficient and incredibly time consuming for senior living sales teams. A good CRM for senior living will collect vital data from each inquiry, automatically sorting prospects into categories based on their needs. 
  2. Follow up the strongest leads with the right action. Following from the previous point, once your CRM has sorted a prospective resident into a relevant group, it can then tailor communications or create an action plan to suit their needs. For example, if a senior has specified that they wish to move to assisted living as soon as possible, your senior living CRM can tag them as a ‘hot lead’, automatically notifying your sales team to follow up with a call back as soon as possible. 
  3. Create tailored communications in a fraction of the time. Manually analyzing leads and sending out targeted emails to all inquiries can be a huge drain on time for senior living sales teams. A good CRM system can quickly assess each lead, offering instant guidance on what is needed. For example, if your senior living CRM tags a particular lead as ‘long-term’, it can then send a notification to your sales team to send out a specific introductory email. With email templates available for each ‘tag’, you will be able to quickly fire off a professional, tailored message in a flash.
  4. Keep communication consistent and professional. As a senior living facility, showcasing your trustworthiness from the start is a must. Clear, consistent communication is a sign of competency, and a well-functioning CRM will help you effortlessly manage all of your relationships with leads, current residents and family caregivers. With clear notifications on the next action needed for each individual case, your team needn’t worry about missing a call-back or losing a lead through lack of communication ever again.
  5. Grant your sales team time to work on other important tasks. Where in the past sales teams would have to rely on clunky, complex spreadsheets to keep track of customer communications, a senior living CRM does all the hard work for you. By automatically absorbing vital information about your leads, searching through manual databases will become a thing of the past! With hours saved using a streamlined CRM system, your sales team can focus on other vital tasks, like carrying out call backs, arranging and conducting tours and assisting new residents.

What Else Can a Senior Living CRM Do?

Senior living CRM software has a diverse range of uses that go well beyond customer relations. Your CRM is a valuable data hub, and one that can provide useful insight into your ideal customer, including their unique characteristics and behaviors. In turn, these insights can allow you to intentionally target assisted living marketing to your audience, ensuring your valuable advertising dollars are never wasted in the wrong places.

How Can Marketing Consulting Services Help?

Working with a senior living marketing agency can give you the detailed insight you need to get the most from your CRM system. For more information about how SMCG’s marketing consulting services can help you nurture relationships with leads and residents, get in touch and arrange a consultation today.