Senior living consulting firm discusses important factors of an effective senior living website

Three Important Factors of An Effective Website

Key factors of website performance that will not only help senior living organizations and physician practices stand apart but gain customers is at the top of everyone’s list this year. Conversations with operators in recent weeks have focused on factors that can help senior living organizations and physician practices stand apart and gain customers. One of these key indicators is website performance and three important factors of an effective senior living website.

There are multiple factors that go into building an effective website, but some of the most important would be how long it takes for your website to load, how the user experiences your site and how to optimize your site for the most conversions. Below are three important factors to consider when auditing your website’s effectiveness this year.

Website Speed

Have you ever visited a website and it took so long to load that you ended up leaving it to find a faster loading one with the same information? Now that mobile devices are at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to have a fast loading website so users stay engaged with what the website has to offer. Images, file sizes and website layouts all factor into the speed of websites. If the images or video files are too large, they can drastically slow down a website which is why choosing the right design is important.

User Experience

Just as website speed is important, the user experience is also high on the list. User experience takes into account the design layout and whether it’s responsive to the device being used or not. If a website is not responsive, that means that the content isn’t rendering specific to the device size and can cause the user experience to be unfavorable. While large images and videos can be effective marketing tools, they are not always recommended for website designs since they can factor into the speed of a website. Now that we live in a world where the phrase mobile-first is a commonality, we want to deliver websites in a format that is easier to read and embrace ever-changing screen sizes.


The final important factor of an effective senior living website to consider is your conversion optimization rate. This is the most important reason why websites are made. Whether it’s converting user leads through a contact form or trying to get customers to buy a certain product, every website needs a purpose. This ties in directly with website speed and user experience because sites need to be built in a way that captures the intended audience’s attention and leads them to perform a particular action.

When you break it down, what makes an effective website is one that loads fast, is responsive to all devices and capable of converting users in a specific way.

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