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Your staff is one of your most valuable assets, but if they aren’t properly trained in sales, you’re missing out on this priceless opportunity.

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Each of your employees and support team members should be spreading your message, building relationships in the community, and converting leads into patients and residents. Scott Marketing & Consulting Group is proud to offer a comprehensive virtual marketing and sales training program in Tucson, teaching marketing teams to navigate the healthcare and senior care industries. We offer training programs for senior living and healthcare marketing teams in Tucson that mentor and provide the tools and confidence it takes to be ambassadors for your organization. Our 365 Training Series™ teaches communication skills and selling strategies that can make your organization shine.

In most industries, but especially in the realms of healthcare and senior living, authentic connections are key. To grow your census, you need real people who are passionate about what you do. And if you already have employees, why not have them become well-spoken, highly trained marketers who know your market area and are already advocates for your brand? At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group, we offer a top-rated training program in Tucson, and we’ll train your staff on how to use the right language to build relationships and gather leads in your community. Once they’ve completed our hospitality-based sales training program, your healthcare marketing team will have creative and effective strategies to help you reach the right people.

Advertising is more than just numbers on a page. You may have a beautiful website and social media presence, but if your staff isn’t actively participating in your growth every day, you are selling yourself short. Get a leg up on the competition with our top rated sales training program at Scott Marketing & Consulting Group. We want to share our hard-earned expertise to create effective, passionate marketers at your senior living and healthcare organization! Reach out to schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

Our services include:

  • Consumer personas
  • Business and referral source development
  • Tours and discovery
  • Conversions (reporting, action plans, analytics)
  • Public relations (grand openings, media kits)
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