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The Situation

Employing a home health service can be a difficult decision for seniors and their loved ones, particularly if it’s their first time seeking out extra support. Unfortunately, some seniors may have heard stories of poor care, or even had poor past experiences with healthcare practitioners themselves. This tricky combination of potential barriers makes your marketing job as a home health provider a little bit more difficult. 

You need a marketing plan that presents your service as a beacon of hope for seniors who wish to remain at home while managing their condition. The people your strategy needs to speak to are often proud and value their independence greatly. Offering that all-important reassurance that you understand their unique needs is your key to success.

Home Health Consulting

Your Challenge

Your marketing needs to be carefully targeted to the potentially wide audience you serve. Many home health providers offer assistance to individuals with diverse health needs, including those with progressive conditions like dementia, those requiring end of life care and others who need temporary support while recovering from an acute illness or injury. With several care options available and prior perceptions at play, seniors and family caregivers are often left feeling overwhelmed.

It’s also not uncommon for seniors to go through a range of services before settling on a home health provider that can effectively meet their needs. As such, you need a skilfully constructed marketing strategy capable of reassuring families of the quality care you provide. 


Your Solution - The SMCG Difference

By partnering with SMCG, you are taking the first bold step in setting yourself apart from the crowd. Using our winning combination of skilled market research, creative branding, digital marketing and sales coaching, we can help position you as the qualified and trustworthy provider that you undoubtedly are. 

With our collective years of experience in senior living, we understand the value of certainty. In healthcare, trusted family members want the absolute best care for their loved one, providing family caregivers and patients with the solid reassurance they need is paramount. SMCG is here to develop a holistic strategy that proves your commitment to delivering the compassion and competence seniors with complex health needs require.

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