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The Situation

Everyone knows home is where the heart is! So, it should be no surprise that home health care and hospice care is increasing in popularity as more people see the benefits they hold. Seniors (and their families) who choose home healthcare do so because they are referred by an acute care provider, wish to age in place in their own home, don’t choose to move into a retirement community, or view it as an affordable alternative to a skilled nursing community. They are likely proud, independent people who like being in the comfort of their own home and surrounded by loved ones. Usually, these individuals don’t like cookie-cutter decisions made for them. When you hire our San Antonio hospice marketing team, you’ll be able to show your audience that they have choices. 

Advances in technology have also made aging in place possible for seniors, as digital assistive devices make communicating easier. These seniors have lived in a world filled with ever-changing technology, so they are more likely to know how to use it or at least want to learn. Gone are the days when seniors avoided technology! Whether they are going to order groceries or take an Uber, they have the tools to use technology, and you must market to their capabilities. They will communicate with their doctors, talk to their family members, and check their own health charts. Our San Antonio hospice marketing team accounts for and encompasses all of these factors in our advertising efforts!

Home Health Consulting

Your Challenge

Your industry challenge is real! Home healthcare and hospice care are delicate subjects that, at some point, almost every family must face. Today’s challenges include growing demand, a shortage of qualified care givers, and value-based payment reform. As experienced San Antonio home care business consultants, we can strategically position your organization as a stable, sound, qualified alternative in the medical community.  Often, families will go through multiple in-home care workers and companies until they find ones that effectively meet their needs. So, you aren’t only competing against these companies. Nope! You are also competing against their poor reputations and the subpar work they have made a standard.

So, where do you begin? The Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services offer both home health and hospice websites you can use to compare how home healthcare organizations rank based on the quality of care they provide. This is an excellent place to start facing off with your challenge, seeing where you stack up, and building your comprehensive marketing strategy for the future.


Your Solution - The SMCG Difference

Teamwork makes the dream work – we honestly believe that! Partner with our San Antonio hospice marketing and home care business consultants to differentiate yourself in the community. We will help you to position your organization as a qualified provider, increase brand awareness, and build trust with patients and their families. We will build content that shows value to seniors and their families – we do not want to steal any more time from them. They are very cognizant of the preciousness of their time, so you need to be as well!

Our goal is to market your compassionate, quality care by reaching out to qualified referral sources and prospective patients. Let’s build comprehensive marketing campaigns that emphasize your organization’s commitment to quality service and care; skilled, trained therapists and nursing staff; and strong quality measures. You need our San Antonio hospice marketing experts to keep you at the top of the list when patients and their families need your services most. We will be there to help you build your marketing plan of hope and bridge the gaps that arise along the way!

Because at SMCG, we understand your marketing solutions should showcase your core values!

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