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Do you want to give your team the tools and confidence they need to market your brand and grow your business? Scott Marketing and Consulting Group® offers a senior living and healthcare sales training program that can help!

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Experienced Healthcare & Sales Training

We know that a properly trained and enthusiastic sales and marketing team increases conversions and creates more change in the world, and we’re here to empower your staff. Our marketing agency is here to support your senior living or healthcare facility in reaching more people and spreading the word about what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. With our 365 Training Series™ your team of senior living experts will have the skills to effectively communicate the value of your brand and increase your leads and conversions among your target demographics.

Advertising is more than just numbers on a page or website clicks. Especially in emotion-driven service industries like senior care, you must have a passionate team to move your brand forward. Our team of healthcare coaches and training experts can equip your healthcare marketers to be dedicated ambassadors for your company and step into their unique roles to convert leads into residents and patients. We know you’ll be thrilled with the results of our comprehensive sales training programs, which allow you to adapt your strategies to meet the demands of this ever-changing industry.

Scott Marketing and Consulting Group® is proud to be a leader in healthcare marketing services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as GEO, SEO, website design, and social media marketing strategies to further brands like yours. No matter your needs, we can deliver real results that support the growth of your business.

SMCG’s® comprehensive training programs across the country are helping senior living and healthcare marketing teams like yours serve more people through impactful personal relationships. We can train your team to be more effective and magnetic and be vehicles for your long-term growth. With us, getting leads for your healthcare organization will never be easier! Reach out to schedule your free consultation today.

Our services include:

    • Consumer Personas
    • Tours and Discovery
    • Conversion Analysis
    • Business Development
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