Your company is unique…and your marketing should be too! Applying the same basic marketing plan to every company is crazy, but so many marketing companies try it. Why? Because it’s easier!

But our San Antonio medical practice marketing professionals love a challenge! We take an individual, holistic approach to each organization we work with, ensuring that your goals and objectives are not just met, but successfully surpassed. But to do that, we need to know what your goals are – so, yes, we’re going to ask!

Our sustainable marketing and sales coaching methods will allow your team to continue to implement their great ideas and improve upon strategies quarter after quarter, year after year. We build flexible, adaptive plans that can grow and scale with you as you offer additional services, add buildings, expand your practice, or simply diversify your offerings.

…Like we said, at SMCG, we do things differently!


Every organization is one-of-a-kind - and our San Antonio medical business consultants respect that. At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group, we provide integrated strategies for the senior living and healthcare industries reflective of each organization’s core values and strengths with a focus on positioning, brand growth, and sales. This triumvirate helps to effectively market your company in ways that are specific, tailored, and measurable.

We teach your team to set strategies based on comprehensive organizational analysis and sound market research resulting in individually customized plans which incorporate event planning, direct mail and email campaigns, advertising, database marketing, social media, and public relations. Sound overwhelming? Not to worry - our San Antonio medical business consultants make it easy, interesting, and rewarding.

With SMCG, strategy is our recipe for success!

Healthcare Marketing Strategy
Sales Coaching Consultants

Sales Coaching

In today’s market, seniors have many choices when it comes to their care - and they know how to find them (and if they don’t, their grandkids do)! How organizations gain a competitive advantage and appeal to the savvy senior isn’t based on the perfect script. It’s simply about being real and learning how to reach today’s seniors.

You need a well-trained sales team to close on every lead - if you aren’t acting, you’re falling behind. So, how will your organization stand apart, develop a competitive advantage, and convert leads into sales? It’s simple! Our San Antonio medical practice marketing company provides mystery shops and on-site sales coaching customized to meet the needs of your sales team and individual members.

Our unique hospitality-based approach will increase the knowledge base of your marketing team while enhancing customer service and sales for a greater ROI. As a bonus, this information will seamlessly transfer into other areas of their jobs as well.

Allow our team to coach yours down the road of sales success!

Media Management

Let’s not beat around the bush, media matters! Whether your organization recently opened its doors or you have been in business for decades, media management is the key to retaining and expanding your customer base. Everyone has a smartphone, and they know how to use it! Yes, even seniors can jump on Google and do some research.

A well-crafted media plan needs to include both traditional and digital marketing, but you don’t have to break the bank to drive customer engagement and generate leads. Whether your target audience is a senior or a family member, our San Antonio medical practice marketing team will craft a customized media plan to include content creation, events, and press releases for print, television, and social media.

Media marketing can have lasting effects – both good and bad. So, jump on the right digital marketing and media bandwagon with us!

Allow our SMCG team to build or expand your media footprint today!

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