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At SMCG®, we do things differently. Every organization is unique, and your marketing should be too.

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Our Services

Cut-and-paste techniques don’t work and are therefore not a part of our vocabulary. By taking a holistic and carefully individualized approach based on sound market research, we can ensure you meet and surpass your goals.

Utilizing a winning combination of digital and social media marketing, website services, hospitality-based sales coaching, and creative branding, we will deliver a robust marketing strategy that lasts. We always stay on the cutting edge of modern marketing technology, and proudly integrate tools such as GEO and AI for the most dynamic and targeted results. Our signature holistic approach allows us to provide solutions that will keep your waiting list full quarter after quarter.


Every organization is one-of-a-kind, and our team respects that. At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group®, we provide integrated strategies for the senior living and healthcare industries reflective of each organization’s core values and strengths with a focus on positioning, brand growth, and census development. This approach helps to effectively market your organization in ways that are specific, tailored, and measurable.

We teach your team to set strategies based on comprehensive organizational analysis and sound market research resulting in individually customized plans that incorporate business development, direct mail and email campaigns, advertising, social media, GEO, and SEO strategies. Sound overwhelming? Not to worry—our team of expert marketing consultants makes it easy, interesting, and rewarding.

With SMCG®, strategy is our recipe for success!

Sales Coaching

In today’s market, seniors have many choices when it comes to their care and they know how to find them. How organizations gain a competitive advantage and appeal to aging adults isn’t based on the perfect script. It’s simply about being authentic and learning how to reach today’s seniors.

You need a well-trained marketing and sales team to close on every inquiry—if you aren’t being proactive, you’re falling behind. So, how will your organization stand apart, develop a competitive advantage, and convert leads into census? It’s simple! Our senior living marketing company provides mystery shops and online sales coaching customized to meet the needs of your marketing, sales, and admissions teams.

Our unique hospitality-based approach will increase the knowledge base of your marketing team while enhancing customer service and sales for a greater ROI. As a bonus, this information will seamlessly transfer into other areas of their jobs as well.

Allow our team to coach yours down the road of marketing and sales success!

Media Management

Whether your organization recently opened its doors or you have been in business for decades, media management is the key to retaining and expanding your customer base.

A well-crafted media plan needs to include both traditional and digital marketing, but you don’t have to break the bank to drive customer engagement and generate leads. Whether your target audience is a senior or a family member, our marketing experts will craft a customized media plan to include content creation, digital advertising, and social media.

Allow our SMCG® team to build or expand your online footprint today!

Generative Engine Optimization (GEO)

At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group®, we specialize in generative engine optimization (GEO), a cutting-edge approach that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize online content dynamically. With GEO, we go beyond traditional SEO tactics by continuously adapting and evolving strategies based on real-time data and user behavior. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we ensure your content remains relevant and competitive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Our GEO services drive targeted traffic, increase engagement, and boost conversions, giving your business a distinct edge in the digital realm. Experience the future of digital marketing with our innovative, dynamic, and customizable marketing solutions!


See What Our Customers Are Saying

Samuel V.

Founder, Assisted Living

“Sandra Scott is and continues to be an integral part of our Community expansion and growth. Sandra has first-class marketing and sales expertise with a strategic perspective. Looking forward to continued partnership with Scott Marketing.”

Jennifer Q.

General Manager, Assisted Living

“We signed with SMCG to improve our website, census and marketing capabilities, but we were provided with much more, learning long-term techniques. Working with Sandra was both fun and challenging and the direct feedback she provided for improving our marketing skills was invaluable! Her calm and logical method of teaching truly connects and inspired me and our team! I strongly commend the positive changes she has made.”

Michael T.

CEO, Post-Acute Rehabilitation

“Rehabilitative care for seniors is highly competitive and patient choice is essential. Sandra’s one-on-one field sales coaching helped my team in real time. Her method of teaching my clinical liaisons how to build value consistently empowered patients to select my hospital for their care over my competition. Her commitment to delivering great customer service makes a valuable impact.”

Heather S.

Founder, Assisted Living

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Scott Marketing and Consulting group (SMCG). Sandra is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and she ALWAYS does what she says she going to do. Sandra took a tremendous amount of time to understand our brand and tell our story in the most effective way. It is obvious she takes a ton of pride in everything she does. I consider SMCG an integral part of our team!”

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