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In senior living and healthcare, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Understanding the true essence of each individual community or medical practice is at the heart of what we do at SMCG, because cookie-cutter approaches don’t work. Using a winning combination of hospitality-based sales coaching and cutting-edge marketing techniques, we can effectively position you as a leader in your industry.

Our specialist team are experts in their respective fields. Together, we will consider everything from market area and target audience to your specific goals, intertwining these seamlessly with your organization’s unique personality and culture. Ultimately, we can deliver a strong marketing plan that speaks directly to the residents and patients you want to attract.

With our vast experience in implementing powerful marketing strategies for a diverse range of senior living providers, from CCRCs and stand-alone facilities right through to residential care homes, we have the depth of industry knowledge needed to produce winning solutions and impressive results that will continue to grow for years to come.

Independent Living

At SMCG, we understand what seniors want. Retaining our independence as we age is a key concern for many retirees, who often hold a misconception that moving to a retirement community will strip them of their valued autonomy. Tackling these often deeply ingrained preconceptions can be tricky for senior living organizations, and marketing is truly the driving force in finding a solution. Emphasizing what your community adds to residents’ lives is key and, using carefully researched, targeted strategies, we will help you communicate this directly to your future residents.

With fresh, energetic and youthful marketing, we can offer seniors that all important reassurance that your community will empower them to live their most active and social life, not take that away from them. We believe in flexible strategies and are constantly enabling organizations to adapt and appeal to the needs of today’s seniors. The world of senior living and healthcare is dynamic, and with our combined expertise, SMCG is always one step ahead, ready to convert intrigued prospects into happy residents.

We only live once, right? And so does your marketing - Our SMCG team can help!

Independent Living Consultants
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Assisted Living

The transition from home to an assisted living community is rarely easy for seniors or their families. It’s natural to fear the unknown, and particularly an unknown with some unhelpful preconceptions attached to it. Many seniors initially resist making the move to assisted living, fearing they will lose the independence they have worked hard for. With years of experience between us, our team of marketing experts are here to help you meet those feelings of fear and uncertainty with empathy, transforming them into something positive. Not only can we provide you with the tools to reassure seniors, but we will also prioritize their loved ones, creating solutions that benefit the whole family unit.

We recognize the value of your team and pride ourselves on delivering solutions that go beyond surface level marketing. Our hospitality-based sales coaching is carefully designed to empower your staff members, allowing them to unlock their true potential. Alongside your expertly formulated, targeted marketing tools, this holistic approach will shine through to seniors and family members. Involving your team will demonstrate that your core values are ingrained into everyday reality at your community or practice, rather than being a mere marketing tactic.

Your marketing needs to tell “their story” - Our SMCG team can help!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

In recent years, impressive technological advances mean that skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities are able to offer quality of care like never before. Unfortunately, misconceptions hold strong, and public perceptions of nursing programs often remain less than complimentary. At SMCG, we recognize that as a nursing and rehabilitation facility, changing those perceptions often feels like an uphill struggle, making marketing challenging.

Skilled nursing requires skilled marketing. Ensuring your organization has an A+ strategy in place will benefit not only you by increasing referrals, but seniors themselves. Seniors who are held back by misconceptions about nursing care, but long for the freedom and newfound zest for life that nursing, and rehabilitation could offer. We’re here to help you debunk the myths and address barriers preventing seniors from taking those first tentative steps. By pinpointing the specific needs of the seniors and family members you want to speak to, we can provide tailored branding, marketing and support to alter attitudes and open minds.

Skilled nursing requires skilled marketing - Our marketing company for medical practices can help!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
Memory Care Senior Living Consultants

Memory Care

Dementia doesn’t discriminate, and a diagnosis of memory loss is difficult to hear and navigate. Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are often as challenging for family members as for seniors themselves. Seeing someone you love change and lose their memory is truly devastating, and we are as passionate about offering a guiding light to those affected by dementia as you are.

Families navigating life with dementia deserve peace of mind and reassurance that their loved one is being compassionately cared for. They also deserve empathy, education and support themselves, to help them cope with what can be a distressing illness for the whole family. Choosing to move a family member into an assisted living community is difficult in any situation, and dementia often adds an extra layer of stress to the process. With our all-encompassing approach of hospitality-based sales coaching and marketing, we can position your memory care community as a safe haven for both seniors and their loved ones.

Your marketing must build the bridge of empathy - Our SMCG team can help!

Home Health & Hospice

For many seniors, home health is their first experience of assisted living, often bridging the gap between independent living and residential care or serving as an affordable alternative. Making the big decision to accept additional care can be difficult and fraught with uncertainty, and seniors commonly worry that it will mean having to sacrifice their valued independence. As a home health company, it’s your job to provide them with the all-important reassurance they need. But with organizations like yours typically offering an extensive range of services to an even more extensive range of patients, crafting a finely balanced, effective marketing strategy is rarely simple. At SMCG, we are experts in building marketing that remains personal, while also appealing to your diverse clientele.

As a home health provider, there are a myriad of hurdles you must navigate to achieve marketing success. For example, some seniors try out a range of home health providers before finding one that suits them best. Prior care experiences not only influence the choices a senior makes, but family members who often take a lead role in sourcing appropriate care. Our experts are committed to helping home health organizations stand apart with our signature combination of marketing, website development, branding and sales coaching. By targeting both seniors and their close family members, we can arm you with the winning strategy you deserve.

Your marketing should serve as a beacon of hope to those aging at home or cherishing their final moments - Our SMCG team can help!

Home Health & Hospice Consulting
Physicians Practice Consultants


Physicians truly are the backbone of our society, playing a vital role in allowing us to live our lives to the fullest. But competition is fierce, and with ever-growing telemedical technology and digital innovation, the industry is constantly and quickly evolving. To keep up, you need a highly engaged and adaptable marketing strategy, capable of competing not only with other physicians in your area, but with physicians across the country. Your marketing strategy should be as pioneering as your industry.

In healthcare, it’s important to demonstrate your true expertise, empathy, understanding, and compassion. Underneath all the frills and technicalities, true human kindness will speak to patients. At SMCG, we help physicians build a strong personal brand, allowing you to stand out from the sea of competition while effectively conveying those important core values. With our holistic approach, we can create a marketing strategy that keeps your patient census full, so you can do what you do best – care for your patients.

Save your hands for the amazing medical work, and leave the “marketing magic” to us - Our SMCG team can help!

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