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Every level of care and every medical practice is different. We hear you.

At SMCG, We Understand Your Needs

At SMCG, we serve senior living organizations and medical practices of every size and specialty – yes, that means YOU!

From CCRCs and stand-alone facilities to residential care homes, we create a customized marketing strategy to fit your organization, market area, target audience, and goals while holding steadfast and true to your brand and company culture. The days of boring, beige, sparse marketing are over! Instead, we help you launch unique campaigns that fit your needs and speak to your clients. If you need San Antonio marketing for medical practices, contact our team.

At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group, we are here for you! Our hospitality-based sales coaching and innovative marketing approach will strategically equip your team to consistently sell and market your organization in today’s competitive environment long after our “marketing magic” has been implemented.

At SMCG, we not only understand your marketing needs…we prioritize them!

Independent Living

When you turn 65, that doesn’t mean life is over – it means your golden years are just beginning! Today’s retirees want to reside in a place that feels like their own home and be an active part of their community. So, marketing matters when it comes to attracting these seniors and their families. The senior population continues to change and shift, so your marketing must adapt as well! Seniors are looking to enjoy their lives, stay active, and cultivate connections that will keep them feeling young – so let our team give your marketing a youthful touch!

We help you customize strategic campaign messaging that will speak to and resonate with your audience (without offending or boring them). Instead, together, we will excite them about moving on to a new phase and living their lives to the fullest.

We only live once, right? And so does your marketing - Our SMCG team can help!

Independent Living Consultants
Assisted Living Consultants

Assisted Living

No one wants to lose their independence, and it isn’t easy for seniors to accept that they may need to transition to higher levels of care. Seniors who move into a smaller home with a more structured schedule aren’t always looking forward to it. In fact, they are often scared, angry, and may even be worried about what the future holds.

Our San Antonio medical practice marketing consultants can help your team learn how to capture all those emotions and assuage what they feel, proving that you have solutions for them that aren’t scary or sad. Our hospitality-based sales coaching will not only teach your marketing team how to build value in the eyes of the seniors in need of your care but also with their families as well.

Your marketing needs to tell “their story” - Our SMCG team can help!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

Technology is the future, and technological advances in rehabilitative care have allowed seniors to more quickly recover from injuries, surgeries, and illnesses that they may have struggled with before. This is amazing! However, many seniors are hesitant to enter skilled nursing or rehabilitation programs because of their “less than popular” reputations. But it isn’t their job to change how they think, it’s your job - and we understand, it’s a difficult one!

Our team will help your organization realize more patients by building brand awareness with all decision-makers - seniors, their families, and referral sources in your community.

Skilled nursing requires skilled marketing - Our San Antonio marketing company for medical practices can help!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
Memory Care Senior Living Consultants

Memory Care

Dementia doesn’t discriminate and serves as one of the world’s scariest moments for a family to go through. It deprives seniors and their families of the chance to spend (and remember) their golden years together - often the years they have long awaited and worked toward. Most haven’t planned for this day. It is difficult for a senior to truly understand that their mind is fleeting, and often even harder to learn that their body is failing. For the children and grandchildren, this entire process can be devastating.

Our San Antonio marketing for healthcare is anything but cookie cutter. It is both compassionate and educational based on your customers' needs as well as sound market research. We teach your team how to empathetically reach your target audience - the family members who need to know how your organization will honor and provide the highest quality of life for their loved one. Because while your patients may not remember the details, their families will!

Your marketing must build the bridge of empathy - Our SMCG team can help!

Home Health & Hospice

Moving towards life changes and end of life choices is often a scary, “hush-hush” journey that no one wants to discuss. And no one can really understand it until they are living it. So, whether choosing to age at home with the assistance of home health care or moving into hospice care, patients and their families need to understand your devotion and compassion to making those last few years, months, weeks, or even days the best they can possibly be - and often, they need this reassurance quickly.

Your marketing campaigns must build value, provide peace of mind, and educate patients, families, and referral sources about the quality of care your dedicated medical professionals provide, whether at home or in your facility. Let’s be honest. People don’t want to waste their precious time researching home health care or hospice services - they simply want to treasure these golden years or final moments with their loved ones.

Your marketing should serve as a beacon of hope to those aging at home or cherishing their final moments - Our SMCG team can help!

Home Health & Hospice Consulting
Physicians Practice Consultants


Physicians are our lifelines! It’s no secret that we cannot be our best if we are not feeling our best. So, your marketing needs to showcase your empathy and understanding to patients, particularly those who have been unable to seek consistent medical care.

Your marketing must be evergreen and resilient, addressing the varying health needs and challenges people are facing today. Old world marketing simply won’t cut it! From EMR integrations, to patient portals, to changing regulatory environments, to the increased demand for telemedicine, today’s practicing physicians are not just competing with other doctors in their area, but in other parts of the country as well. But you already know this!

Our consulting group is experienced in San Antonio marketing for healthcare professionals. We help physicians build and grow their personal brand and market their practice's quality measures while increasing patient census so you can do what you do best - manage patient care. In a profession that cultivates more pressure than ever before - you should trust that your marketing is in good hands.

Save your hands for the amazing medical work, and leave the “marketing magic” to us - Our SMCG team can help!

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