Assisted Living

The Situation

Your opportunity here is colossal – the United States has over 30,000 assisted living communities according to the National Center for Assisted Living. WOW – let that really sink in! And of those residents living in an assisted living community, 55% are over 85 years old, and of that, over 40% are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The statistics are truly staggering! In order to advertise effectively to such a large audience, you need an experienced San Antonio healthcare marketing agency.

So, let’s break it down – what does your opportunity look like? The number of people entering assisted living will continue to rise because individuals are living longer, and many want to stay as independent as possible – even if that’s not the best option.

This means your decision-maker is often not just the prospective resident, but a spouse, adult child, or family member who has power of attorney. They are often well-informed and know how to find the answers they are seeking. Many also have friends who have gone through this process before – and they will rely on their advice and guidance (whether good or bad). So, assisted living managers and marketers must build trust with both the future resident and his or her family to show their community can provide stellar, quality care coupled with a desirable place to live.

Assisted Living Consulting

Your Challenge

You know you have hurdles to climb, but our San Antonio healthcare marketing agency is here to help! Your situation is unique in that you have a dual challenge:

  • To reach full occupancy at a higher price point for the level of care needed
  • To market to both the family member and the prospective resident

    Appearances can be deceiving! Though it may seem simple, this dual challenge is actually much more complicated than meets the eye – especially when it comes to reaching the family member who oversees the residents’ care and wellbeing. Luckily, our San Antonio assisted living marketing team has walked this road before and can help you strategically navigate your way!

    While the internet has helped us broaden our marketing reach, it also offers a prime avenue for family members to reach many more assisted living communities. They can make educated comparisons – seeing when companies use the same marketing lingo, designs, stock images and forms repeatedly. But, when they see something that stands out, like your strategic marketing offerings, they are primed to elevate you to their first choice!


Our Solution - The SMCG Difference

We are here with you every step of the way and leave no marketing stone unturned! Let’s increase your occupancy by targeting the appropriate audience and crafting a marketing message based on your target audience’s pain points, needs, and preferences. Trust us – selling your brand is what our San Antonio healthcare marketing agency does best! We’ll help you emphasize your organization’s core values and one-of-a-kind care without preaching or boasting. Because honestly, who likes that? Truly understanding your customers and what matters most to them is a vital component of reaching your target audience across all platforms. From the copy in your tri-fold brochure or website, to how your staff runs a community tour, we’ll help you ensure every detail shines with “marketing magic.”

Because at our San Antonio assisted living marketing company, our outside-the-box marketing solutions take you to the next level!

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