Independent Living

The Situation

Retirees today have choices galore – sometimes, even too many which can lead to confusion and problems. Often, there’s “too many cooks in the kitchen,” giving them the same information in eight different ways. Your marketing needs to transform the message to reach not only today’s retirees, but tomorrow’s as well.

YOLO – You only live once, right? Seniors want to reside in a home that makes them feel alive and heard; one in which they can enjoy countless activities and the camaraderie of daily life for as long as possible – especially if they are trying to fully embrace the precious gift of time with family, friends, and loved ones. It’s imperative that you give them the tools to make quick, simple choices that will enhance their quality of life.

Independent Living Consultants

Your Challenge

Every organization has unique problems which require unique solutions. You need to build integrated strategies for the senior living and healthcare industries that reflect your organization’s core values and strengths with a focus on positioning, brand growth, and sales. This is where we come in! It may seem overwhelming or confusing, but at SMCG, we simplify your marketing solutions with a data driven approach that will melt away your worries!

With the right approach, you can compete!

Everyone wants to be on top, so maintaining a competitive edge is paramount, no matter what industry you work in – from independent living to home health care. Your marketing must be inclusive and stand out with style! The key is differentiating yourself from the pack because people already have an engrained opinion of what the “same old same” looks like.

You need expert advice on how to:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Meet the needs of your varying customers
  • Market your organization, whether established or brand new
  • Solution

    Our Solution - The SMCG Difference

    With us, you get the whole enchilada – proven marketing strategies based on comprehensive organizational analysis and sound market research. This means that our customized plans are designed with you in mind – no fill-in-the-blank template approaches here! Your unique marketing plan will incorporate event planning, direct mail and email campaigns, advertising, database marketing, social media, and public relations. When you partner with SMCG, you get integrated strategies for the senior living and health care industries that reflect your organization’s core values and strengths with a focus on positioning, brand growth, and sales.

    At SMCG, we embrace your patient diversity, helping you reach both the seniors who are ready to move in today and the retirees who are “not quite ready.” You also need to touch the hearts of their children, who will likely do as much (if not more) research than they do. Your team will learn how to build value with customers based on their essential needs and desires. Our proven hospitality-based sales training equips your marketing team to convert prospects from a website inquiry, walk-in, or direct call into your independent living family.

    But our work is not done there! Your team will continue to increase sales and reap notable returns for your organization long after our training is complete.

    Because at SMCG, we provide resilient marketing solutions that grow with you!

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