Independent Living

We understand what seniors want – to retain independence as they age.

The Situation

For today’s aging senior, choosing somewhere to spend their retirement years can feel daunting. With an abundance of choice available at the click of a button, information overload can be a real issue. Often, seniors and family members feel as though they’re being repeatedly presented with the same information, and the decision-making process can feel like something of a ‘stab in the dark’.

Above all else, a primary concern for many seniors is the fear of losing their valued autonomy. It’s a common misconception that moving to a retirement community means losing independence. Seniors want to reside somewhere in which they feel heard and where they have the power to make their own choices, living a rich life full of opportunity. They need to find a community that can add value to their life, not take it away, allowing them to enjoy a lifestyle as vibrant, social, and active as they are.

Your Challenge

Positioning your establishment to stand out from the crowd can be tricky. With a sea of information available to seniors, it’s difficult to make your community shine through. You need branding that will set you miles ahead of the competition, showcasing the unique value your community can offer prospective residents. With many establishments out there offering similar services, your unique value is likely to be the final decision maker for potential residents.

Seniors and their families have an ingrained view of what retirement looks like. Your challenge is to offer a refreshing new perspective. Your community needs to be presented as revitalizing and youthful – somewhere that allows seniors to live their lives to the full, surrounded by strong new friendships. Tackling the deeply embedded public perception of senior living facilities is far from easy, but at SMCG®, we have the tools and expertise on hand to guarantee you do just that.

Our Solution – The SMCG® Difference

We understand that your organization is unique, with its own specialties and areas of excellence. With this in mind, one-size-fits-all solutions are not a part of our vocabulary. Using sound market research and comprehensive organizational analysis conducted by our team of experts, we will provide branding and marketing to attract prospective residents you’re here to serve.

We consider everything from social media content and email campaigns right through to public relations, direct mail, and event planning to showcase your true ability to transform lives. Our strategies go way beyond surface level marketing, though. With our hospitality-based sales training, we will arm you with the knowledge to continue successfully adapting to the ever-changing needs and concerns of the senior population for years to come. Our aim is to keep you tackling preconceptions and converting prospects into residents long after our work is done.

As a senior living organization, your marketing needs to appeal to a wide demographic, including seniors who are looking to move in now, and those who aren’t quite ready or need more time. Additionally, adult children and family members also need to be considered. Skillful strategies are required to reach an audience this broad, and our holistic approach led by talented specialists will allow you to do just that.

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