The Situation

It’s no secret that physicians today face increasing regulatory requirements, electronic health record time demands, staffing challenges, and the administrative and funding hurdles to maintain a medical practice in San Antonio. Marketing for doctors seems to be especially difficult. This consistent complexity decreases the amount of time they’re able to spend directly with patients and increases the risk of burnout.

On top of that (as if you need more), physicians need to actually get those patients into their practice, which isn’t an easy feat. We have a three-fold problem here – we have generations of people who aren’t going to the doctor as often as they should, people who are afraid to go to the doctor, and people who just avoid it at all costs. Many patients will simply choose the first doctor they see or the one closest in proximity to avoid having to research and weigh options. It’s a constant uphill battle, but one you must win!

Physicians Practice Consulting

Your Challenge

Physicians can’t treat the patients they never meet. So, the first thing you need to do to increase your visibility and attract clients is to hire a skilled San Antonio marketing for doctors expert like SMCG. If you compete against large medical networks, it can be difficult, as many small offices are getting pushed out. But at SMCG, we will help you create a strong marketing presence that allows patients to see the high standard of care you provide and seek out your services.

Given varying demands on their time and increased operational costs, physicians are challenged to find ways to grow their practices without sacrificing patient care. Ever been on a seesaw? It’s kind of… just like that! As patients look for greater convenience and easy access to patient portals along with an increase in the need for telemedicine, practices utilizing EMR integrations cannot rely solely on these platforms to increase patient census.

For many physicians, it may seem like a never-ending, headache-ridden balancing act between what you want to do, what you need to do, and having enough hours in the day to do both well. And that’s why we offer San Antonio marketing for doctors! 


The Solution - The SMCG Difference

Stick with what you do best, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our SMCG team of expert marketers knows how to grow and expand brand awareness for your practice or medical group, enhance search engine optimization (so you can be found by the patients who need you), and market the quality care you deliver – all which lead to growing inpatient census.

Our solutions are analytical, data-driven, and customized. Our San Antonio digital advertising agency does not build content or create materials that are boring, formulaic, or empty of value. Instead, we focus on marketing materials that address the pain points of your target audience, build brand awareness, and increase your ROI. It’s a team effort with proven, systematic marketing results you can be proud of!

Because at our San Antonio digital advertising agency, your marketing success is our top priority!

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