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At our San Antonio senior living marketing firm, we try to do things a little differently – we believe in the inspiration of life’s big moments and the power of “go big” marketing!

Just because you have a topic or industry that walks on the stuffy side (Oops, we meant “is perceived rather conservatively,” wink, wink!), doesn’t mean your marketing has to portray your quality of care in that light. We specialize in helping senior living and healthcare organizations achieve their occupancy goals by creating an integrated plan designed specifically to meet the needs of each organization.

What does this mean? It means that we tackle every hurdle head-on, taking the time to understand your unique needs and developing a customized, comprehensive marketing plan that exceeds that of your competition. It means going above and beyond in creating marketing materials that are not only effective but provide solace and empathy toward your potential clients.

As a full-service San Antonio medical advertising company, we offer hospitality-based sales coaching and public relations services. We empower senior living and healthcare organizations to equip their teams to achieve and sustain success.

With SMCG, you hold true to the essence of who you are and what you do – we ensure your marketing shares it with the world!

Senior Living Marketing Strategy

How We Think

We believe a powerful story is the heart of your marketing plan. How can you achieve your occupancy goals? Not sure? That’s ok – that’s why we’re here! We empower senior living and healthcare organizations and their staff to achieve their goals through effective sales coaching and marketing development based on the bedrocks of hospitality. We think through each task and tackle it - aiming to help people see healthcare and retirement living as opportunities to travel rather than final destinations.

We believe your marketing solutions should be as unique as your brand – and our San Antonio medical advertising consultants are here to help you build them!

What We Do

We do things differently, and we’re proud of it! At Scott Marketing and Consulting Group, we have worked to develop unique and modern solutions for your sales, public relations, and marketing plans. For senior living and healthcare, marketing has been too stiff and too boring for far too long. We believe in the power of change! Our San Antonio senior living marketing firm is committed to helping our customers achieve their financial goals through carefully mapped out and skillfully executed advertising campaigns that build upon their brand and company mission. What gives you the competitive edge over other organizations?

We’ll figure out your USP, build your story, and make the “marketing magic” happen!

CCRC Consultants
Senior Housing Consultants

Who We Are

We are your marketing partners who believe in the power of teamwork! We’ve heard the horror stories, and we don’t want to star in them. We won’t ever take over and try to create a completely “new you.” Instead:

  • We listen to our customers.
  • We believe in being authentic.
  • We are passionate about the high-quality services we provide.
  • We care about seniors and patients.
  • We create profits for our customers.
  • We believe in delivering personalized customer service, every time.
  • We are proactive and forward-thinking.
  • We respect the skills, talents, and contributions of each organization's team members.

    With SMCG, we’re an extension of you - So, your marketing growth and success is ours too!

  • We've Walked In Your Shoes

    The road is long, and the journey is tough – we’ve lived through it too. We understand occupancy pressures, missed budgets, competitor incentives, low closure rates, and an increase in providers in your market area. As former long- term care executives, we’ve taken a stroll in your shoes and want to help you actively compete in the marketplace and surpass all your marketing goals.

    We believe in full transparency and open communication. We promise to never lead you astray, shooting magical marketing whims in the dark. As a leading San Antonio senior living marketing company, we use data-driven strategies and trend analysis to get you where you need to go! We also promise to always respect your company and drive you toward marketing success with your story and brand at the forefront of all decisions.

    With SMCG, we will guide you, walk beside you, and build your brand with you!

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