About Us

At SMCG®, we believe in the power of clever, innovative marketing, and as experienced senior living specialists, we understand that the hurdles you face are far from straight-forward.


Scott Marketing & Consulting Group

SMCG® is comprised of an award-winning team of senior living and healthcare experts. What makes us uniquely different is that one special factor – we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve led marketing teams in senior living organizations and post-acute hospitals, trained skilled nursing teams on the floor and marketing teams during hospital bedside assessments, met with ACO’s, built and opened a brand-new community, managed census, and much more.

We are not a marketing agency that provides a cookie cutter plan, tells you what to do and later reminds you of what you should have done. Rather, we provide innovative, customized solutions and we support you every step of the way. Why? Because we understand what it feels like to be you.

In an industry whose target audience are often experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions, you need marketing that can inform and reassure in equal measure. With our years of collective experience in the field, SMCG® can do just that, unlocking your senior living community or healthcare organizations’ true potential while keeping your census and waiting list full.

By creating a comprehensive plan based on sound market research, we’re here to locate and direct your ideal new residents or patients. At SMCG®, we’re committed to never leaving a stone unturned; with our signature integrated approach, you can rest easy knowing that every avenue is being carefully explored. We know your mission is to improve the lives of seniors and their families. Your job is to carry out that mission, and ours is to ensure you reach those who need you most.

How We Think

We believe in inspirational marketing. Older adults want to live their lives to the full, so portraying your senior living organization as a “final destination” is far from helpful. With our careful, thorough approach, SMCG’s ® mission is to present your community as an exciting new opportunity rich with friendship, joy, and adventure.

Effective messaging should go beyond the surface level, instead capturing the true essence of your senior living facility, healthcare organization or medical practice from every angle. With our hospitality-based sales training, we will empower your valued team to take a key role in converting prospects into residents or patients.

What We Do

Your success is our success and, ultimately, our goal is to drive census, meet goals and keep your waiting list full for years to come. It’s no secret that for many years, senior living and healthcare marketing has been a little on the uninspiring side. Now with competition rifer than ever, that is not a sound approach.

With our vast combined skillset, we’re here to inject a new spark into your industry, portraying your community, home health or medical practice as the vibrant serving organization it is. Drawing upon a range of techniques including digital marketing, website design, SEO and CRO, sales coaching, branding and more, we will skillfully formulate a strategy capable of taking your organization to new heights.

Who We Are

At SMCG®, we believe in the power of teamwork. Nobody knows your community or practice quite like you, which is why you will always remain firmly in the driver’s seat.

    • We listen to our clients and truly value your input and ideas.
    • We believe in authenticity – we’re here to highlight your strengths, not create a ‘new you’.
    • We’re driven by a genuine care for seniors, patients, and family caregivers.
    • We believe in delivering a uniquely tailored and carefully researched plan.
    • We respect the skills, talents, and contributions of every one of your team members.

We’ve Walked In Your Shoes

With our collective experience in senior living and healthcare, and having partnered with a diverse range of organizations, we hold a true understanding of your struggles. At SMCG®, we recognize and empathize with occupancy pressures, missed budgets, low closure rates, competitor incentives and the near constant increase in competition. We’ve walked this road and are committed to your success as much as you are.

We believe in honesty, communication, and full transparency. Using data-driven strategies that work, SMCG® can get you to where you want to be. We don’t need to bombard you with marketing whims, jargon, and unrealistic promises, because we can drive real results using effective, tried-and-tested strategies. With your organization’s authentic story and unique talents at the forefront, you can rely on us to guide your success.

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