Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities need to appeal to seniors requiring skilled therapy or 24-hour nursing care alongside family caregivers aiding in their decision.

The Situation

In skilled nursing and rehabilitation for seniors, building trust is non-negotiable. Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities serve a diverse range of patients with equally diverse needs. First and foremost, nursing homes often need to appeal to older seniors requiring 24-hour nursing care, alongside the family caregivers aiding in their move. In addition, facilities may also market to seniors who need short-term rehabilitative care, or even those looking for outpatient or at-home rehab. Naturally, each of these groups has a unique set of needs, preferences, and beliefs.

As a result, to market successfully, your branding must appeal to multiple generations, multiple acuities, and multiple needs, while also considering the family caregivers who often take the lead in the search for nursing and rehabilitative care. Catering to the needs of such a wide audience can be daunting. By partnering with SMCG®, you can relax in the knowledge that we have been in your position. Together, we will ensure you build the multifaceted marketing strategy needed to keep your facility at full census.

Your Challenge

Speaking to a wide target audience with complex and varied needs requires sophisticated marketing, paired with top-notch branding. But keeping up with the demands and expectations of multiple target audiences can be difficult, particularly while also having to navigate patient care and a plethora of ever-changing healthcare regulations.

Our senior living marketing professionals have the knowledge and experience to guide you down the right path — one that will keep your facility thriving. We know how to target the preferences of your prospective patients with precision, positioning your facility as the best of the best in a highly competitive industry. With our strategically formulated marketing plan, tapping into the power of tools like GEO, AI, SEO, and sophisticated website design, we will increase brand awareness among patients and referral sources.

Our Solution – The SMCG® Difference

To stand out in the nursing and rehabilitation industry, creativity and innovation are key. Cut-and-paste solutions don’t work, and a carefully constructed marketing strategy is what will set you apart from competitors. We are here to harness your individuality, enhancing your natural strengths with a winning marketing plan.

By partnering with our experts at SMCG®, you are partnering with an experienced team who has walked in your shoes. We will tackle everything from your website and social media presence, right through to admissions coaching and training to keep your branding strong for years to come. We will leverage our expertise in cutting-edge strategies like GEO to create a dynamic and agile marketing plan for you. All our work is based upon a comprehensive brand assessment, which allows us to speak to your main audience and drive census, all while identifying areas of marketing opportunity in your competitive set. We will work collaboratively with your own marketing team, building trust with prospective patients and their families as well as referral sources.

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