Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation

The Situation

Your ability to sell your brand and build trust in this industry is paramount! Today’s senior living, skilled nursing, and rehabilitation organizations serve three very distinct generations whose values were intricately shaped by when they grew up and how their preferences aligned with the times. However, those three generations have some stark contrasts that will serve as hurdles for you. But not to worry! Though it may seem nearly impossible to reach all three generations at the same time, it’s a doable feat with the help of our San Antonio nursing advertising and medical marketing services!

So, where do we start? Divide and conquer is always your best bet:

  • The oldest seniors need long-term care placement as they require 24-hour nursing care and family cannot care for them at home.
  • The next generation of seniors wants to receive the rehabilitative care they need for the shortest length of time possible.
  • The third generation wants outpatient rehab, rehab at home, or no rehab at all.

    Let the three-fold fun begin!

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Consultants

Your Challenge

Challenge offered, challenge accepted! Let’s explore a bit. Now, how can you stand out amongst the competition in the skilled nursing community despite constantly changing healthcare rules and regulations like the Affordable Care Act and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services? And how can you reach everyone without building multiple versions of your marketing materials?

Those are both great questions! And luckily, our San Antonio nursing advertising professionals can help you build applicable marketing solutions. So, let’s start with the “complicated news.” There’s no way around it. You are going to contend with increased competition and the myriad of preferences the seniors and their families have. But the good news is…our SMCG team will help you through every step of the process, strategically formulating a customized marketing plan that cultivates leads and expands your marketing reach. Piece of cake, right?


Your Solution - The SMCG Difference

Guess what? Your marketing success is closer than you think! Great to hear, right? Sadly, most companies are doing the bare minimum when it comes to their marketing efforts and are simply plugging words into a set formula. There’s no creativity or individuality in sight! But at our San Antonio nursing advertising firm, we do things differently, ensuring that your marketing materials are anything but formulaic, ordinary, and boring.

Case management referrals, 5-star ratings, and reviews drive census—we get all that! So, isn’t it time you take your marketing to the next level? Partner with SMCG to build a customized marketing plan to reach and engage your target referral sources and prospective patients based on the latest data for your market area, as well as consumer trends. When you hire us for San Antonio medical marketing services, we will work with your marketing team to build a repertoire of content that will provide brand value and trust in your organization.

Because at SMCG, we do things differently – customized marketing solutions just for YOU!

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