83% of organizations have dabbled with AI for their marketing campaigns, according to a 2023 Twilio Segment survey of 2450 customer experience, marketing, and data leaders.


But what applications (if any) does AI have in senior living marketing?

While no one is suggesting that human connection isn’t vital in the assisted living and senior healthcare industry, AI has the potential to complement your team’s efforts, allowing for quicker and more seamless implementation of key marketing strategies.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing technology that aims to simulate human intelligence and thinking. AI systems work by constantly absorbing data and identifying patterns and correlations that allow them to provide more accurate outputs in the future. These outputs can include text, music, images, and more. For example, in practice, with AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT the user can ask the tool to do or generate something, and the system will use its vast knowledge and previous experience to produce an appropriate output.

Creative ways AI can be used in Assisted Living Marketing

Content Creation

Generative AI can make creating a range of content much quicker and easier, saving time and resources for your assisted living community. Programs like ChatGPT can develop ideas and templates for everything from email and traditional marketing materials to newsletters, blog posts, and website pages. 

Taking these AI-generated ideas or frameworks and adapting them to fit your community’s unique brand can help boost creativity and productivity. AI may be particularly useful for content creation in senior living communities where staff members have more all-encompassing roles (perhaps simultaneously responsible for marketing, sales, and resident care).

Example AI prompt: “Generate an email newsletter template for a senior living community to send to family caregivers of prospective new residents.”

Social Media 

One of the most popular uses of generative AI in marketing is for social media content. Planning, producing, and posting content to an ever-growing number of social media platforms can take a lot of work, especially for small senior living communities with fewer resources and smaller marketing teams.

AI can be used to produce:

    • Topic ideas and themes for social media posts.
    • Social media caption ideas.
    • Engaging questions to ask your audience on social media.
    • Social media content calendars.
    • Feedback to help you improve existing content.
    • Visual content, including graphics, videos, and images.

Example AI prompt: “Generate 25 social media post ideas for a skilled nursing community.”

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis is a way to analyze the positive and negative factors affecting a business’s success. SWOT analysis can be an excellent starting point when developing marketing strategies. With a detailed SWOT analysis, a senior living community can build campaigns highlighting their unique strengths, building on opportunities, and considering and overcoming potential barriers to success. While no one knows your organization better than you, AI can provide an initial SWOT analysis framework to use as a prompt for your consideration.

Example AI prompt: “Generate a SWOT analysis for a small, rural senior living community offering memory care and assisted living.”


Early versions of chatbots may have seemed primitive and impersonal, but AI advancements have allowed them to reach a point where they can offer warm, friendly, and genuinely valuable responses. Installing an AI-powered chatbot onto your senior living community’s website can allow you to interact with website visitors and answer questions around the clock, even when staff members aren’t available.

While chatbots should never replace human interaction, they can be an excellent first step in communication. For example, a website chatbot may guide visitors toward specific information they’re looking for on your website or provide initial details about arranging a tour (e.g., opening times and available appointments). An effective AI-powered chatbot can streamline communications, allowing website visitors to get instant support for simple queries while directing more complex requests through to your sales team.

Use AI With Creativity and Care

It’s important to note that while AI can be valuable in senior living marketing, it should be seen as something other than a replacement for your marketing team. Avoid unethical practices by always being upfront about your use of AI and by enhancing AI-generated content using your ideas. AI is best viewed as a starting point, brainstorm, or prompt for your senior living marketing content rather than replacing your work. Ensure your community’s unique message is intertwined to keep your content original, on brand, and prominent among a sea of cookie-cutter marketing campaigns.

In senior living and healthcare, genuine human connection is non-negotiable. While AI can be an excellent brainstorming companion and time-saving assistant, its outputs are likely to fail to do justice to the genuinely unique strengths of your senior living community. Finding a senior care community can be emotionally challenging and apprehensive for seniors and family caregivers, and human empathy and understanding are irreplaceable. 

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