Senior Living and healthcare marketing agency discusses sales training ideas for lead conversions and increased sales

Three Sales Training Ideas for Lead Conversions

A senior living community can spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns to “make the phone ring,” but it’s all for not if there is low ROI. A successful marketing campaign should result in conversions and a vital component to realizing conversions is a well-trained sales and marketing team. Let’s take a look at how to increase sales through effective training.

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns and increase sales, communities should develop a solid sales training program. To ensure your marketing department is equipped to manage every call and walk-in, consider a few of our sales training ideas that will inspire your team and increase occupancy!

Sales Team Training Ideas

  • Have Fun

The first rule of engagement for any training is to have fun! We can all relate to the countless training’s we’ve been mandated to attend which seemed to last longer than it should have. Highly engaged members of a marketing team appreciate training’s which allow them to grow and learn. They also appreciate training’s that are inspiring, engaging and prove to be a good use of their time.

Executives should create fun ways to introduce a new training topic and reward their team members for successful implementation. Examine weak spots in your sales processes and create a training that will tackle each one at a time. Create training’s with fun titles, offer real-world examples and “how to” applications and recognize team members who continually employ what they’ve learned.

  • Utilize Your CRM Platform

If used properly, your CRM can be utilized to build relationships, trust and value moving prospects through the sales process. When analyzing CRM data, focus not just on the numbers, but what data reveals – the quality of information provided!

Is the information provided in your CRM robust? Does it offer insight? How often is it used to connect with the prospect and confirm that they’ve been heard? Does it demonstrate what is important to the prospect thereby allowing your sales and marketing director to build value and close on the sale? If your CRM is used solely for reporting, consider developing a training that teaches your marketing team how to utilize the information provided to enhance the role they provide.

  • Train Continually

In addition to quarterly or semiannual training’s, create a coaching environment whereby training opportunities exist weekly. Teach valuable techniques or provide tips to expand your team’s knowledge that can be discussed on weekly calls or during community visits. During these calls or visits with sales and marketing team members, you can discuss how they can leverage hospitality to build trust, actively listen to prospects so that they understand the “why” behind the inquiry, match the needs of the prospect with the service offerings of the community that are both tangible and non-tangible and so much more!

An effective sales coaching and training program should propel a community’s marketing efforts and inspire team members. It should also result in:

  • Decreased paid ads
  • Increased referrals
  • Reduced length of time rentals are vacant
  • Increased sales adding to a positive NOI

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start training and make every dollar invested in marketing count!

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